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Baladi Fresh Market


Baladi Fresh Market is the largest ethnic and Mediterranean store in the Chicago land area. Baladi makes cultural and quality food available for the convenience of different ethnic cohorts.


We worked with Baladi as it started as a small grocery store where it was targeting mainly the middle eastern ethnic client. Based on that, the initial logo has been crafted by creating the word Baladi using a fancy Arabic Calligraphy with an integrated olive branch representing the freshness of the Mediterranean taste.

Baladi Fresh Market - Brand Consulting Company - REDSHIFT
Baladi Fresh Market - Branding logo design services - REDSHIFT

Brand Evolution

Baladi brand evolution has been an ongoing process of shaping a brand around changing consumer and market behaviors based on feedback. This process naturally happens little by little, and since our client expanded and opened many departments, there was a need to evolve the brand to address the new business expansion.
Here are the new brand assets and presentation.