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Featured Music Videos

Mesut Kurtis & Ibrahim Dardasawi - Quranun Quran

Watch Mesut Kurtis & Ibrahim Dardasawi’s new music video “Quranun Quran” produced by REDSHIFT, and directed by Alaa Abusaman.

Ibrahim Dardasawi | My Heart Bears Jerusalem

Watch this epic story with Ibrahim Dardasawi. This music video is produced by REDSHIFT, and directed by Alaa Abusaman.

Featured Documentaries

Gaza: 60-Minute Warning on Al Jazeera World

In May 2021, missiles from Israeli jets struck and completely demolished four towers in Gaza – that is a fact. What was not clear was the reason for the attacks. Why were these buildings selected for destruction?
REDSHIFT team was part of the teams who worked on this film which charts the story of the attacks – from the 60-minute evacuation warning to the question of the cost of rebuilding – and seeks to establish why these towers were singled out, bombed, and destroyed.

Secrets AUKUS Deal To Share Nuclear Submarine on Aljazeera News, Arabic

As part of the “The unfolded the story” program on Aljazeera News in Arabic, REDSHIFT helped produce this investigation video about the details of the announcement of a trilateral defense deal between the US, the UK, and Australia known as “AUKUS Deal “.

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