Turning your ideas into impactful visuals.


REDSHIFT is an integrated production company based in Chicago, Illinois. We are committed to helping our clients build unique visual experiences to strengthen their brands and initiatives. Our top priority is to conveniently provide you with the necessary means to help you succeed and flourish. Based on our previous work, we are confident that we will be able to minimize risk and cost and present a worry-free solution while helping you leverage the expertise of a team consisting of exceptional designers and technology experts who are experienced in crafting unparalleled end results.

What we do

With an overarching and holistic approach, we deliver a campaign across all marketing media channels from the outset and consider all end requirements and practical outputs. We work with brand strategists, filmmakers, writers and designers who specialize in creative problem-solving. We create brands, revamp companies and strengthen communities by showcasing some of their best highlights. From helping small business, to producing short-form video content, to creating websites and advertising, we unlock the potential of your story and unleash it for the world to see.


1. Identifying your Needs and Concepts

We meet with you to learn more about your business and discuss your marketing and growth goals. 

02. Preparation and Production

We determine the necessary tools to use, put together a schedule and work closely to you to ensure you are provided with the best experience.

03. Review and Delivery
We meticulously go through your product to make sure every single detail is perfect and aligns to what you had in mind. We make it a point to stay in close contact with you during this time, enabling us to promptly provide you with the proper edits in accordance with your feedback.

Media Production

We strive toward articulating some of the most compelling content your audience will ever experience, by focusing on delivering highly favorable outcomes based on tried-and-tested methods. From full-set, multi-camera projects to intimate interviews and video testimonials, we aim to efficiently produce everything within our scope. We also have extensive experience with on-site projects that are both visually and editorially compelling, while remaining refreshingly simple.

To effectively represent your business, we believe that its location should be showcased as an integral part of your visual identity. For your story to come together, a timely and creative post-production phase is our next step. We edit complex projects to concise and compelling messages, after which we polish them with graphics, music and voiceover. Once we have your approval, we can deliver the finished product in any media format as per your request.

Some examples of what we offer to businesses include:

  • Business Promotions
  • Short Documentaries
  • Event Recap Videos
  • Pulse Video Marketing
  • Events Audio Visual Managements

Digital Production

We create, design and deliver iconic experiences, services and products designed to alleviate hassles. Our multidisciplinary team has been involved in a wide range of groundbreaking projects across multiple industries. We collaborate with sophisticated clients to deliver a cohesive blueprint across customer connection points that will satisfy audience needs and surpass business goals. We are equipped with the necessary capabilities and resources that allow us to provide a vital marketing advantage to our clients, turning their bold visions into breathtaking realities. Whether it deals with architectural projects, physical products, animation, interactive programs or any digital concept, we can transform your idea into an eye-catching and impactful design.