Are you thinking about different ways to bring some improvements to your storytelling and video production? If your answer is YES, which I know is a yes because the concern has largely been increasing over the past few years. People who are into the video production and storytelling business are looking for sources to make their video production brands better and better.

If we dive deep into the online world of the internet, we come to know that platforms like YouTube and Facebook have helped a lot in this regard. They offer deep analytics and understanding about everything related to our branded media business. Thus, offering a lot of new opportunities in the field of video production and storytelling.

So excited to know about some cool matrices that play a vital role in video production and storytelling? Okay, I get you, let’s go!

Play Rate

When it comes it storytelling and video production, the first thing that brings a difference in the betterment of our brand media is Play Rate. For people who’re new to the word, “Play Rate,” let me put it into simple words. Play Rate is the number of views your video receives. If 50 users have actually clicked on your video, it means your Play Rate is 50. So if you’re receiving low play rates, it means you need to bring improvements in your storytelling and video production departments.

User Engagements

Engagement plays a vital role in getting your message across. Play Rates are of no use if the people are clicking the video but not watching it. You have to come up with something that keeps the audience tied up to your story.

If your story piques the interests of your viewers, they’ll appreciate it. So if people are talking about it, sharing it on different social media platforms, boom! It means that your brand has rightly served the purpose.

View-Through Rate

View-Through Rate tells us the number of times people watched your video. If you want to know how many people have watched your video till the end, you can easily find it through View-Through Rate. A good View –Through rate means your video is a big success, and people are loving it.

Furthermore, this feature plays a vital role in making improvements in video production brands. For example, if you aren’t receiving excellent View-Through rates, it means you need to work more on your storytelling and video production. Thus, it guides and tells where the story lost its contact with the viewers in the video.

Re-watches Of Your Video

We’re humans and humans adore watching things again and again they love. The success of a video doesn’t depend only on user-engagements and view-through rates, but also on the fact that how many people are re-watching the video. Re-watches give a good insight into your brand media and tell you why a particular video is re-watched by people. As a result, helping you to bring more improvements to your business and brand media.

Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate isn’t like View-Through Rate. It means how many people felt to go to your website or purchased your product. Though it’s quite less in rate than View-through rate, it plays a vital role in boosting your sales or business. Click-Through Rate depends on how well you tell your story.

However, don’t keep your expectations too high when it comes to click-through rates. According to research, only 1% of people go for your products or visit your websites after watching your videos. But this 1% can bring a significant difference in your business and can boost up your sales rapidly. Moreover, this insight also allows you to keep a close eye on your viewers and know about their click-through intentions.

These five helping insights not only tell you about the success of your video but also help you bring positive changes into your brand business. You will easily be able to know what people are expecting from your brand media. You’ll always have a clear understanding of what you need to improve in your storytelling and video production areas. Thus, allowing you to eventually make your end-product better and better with each passing day. Sounds incredible, right?

I hope these 5 matrices will make you more creative and passionate about your business or brand. All you need to do is to analyze your media brand carefully and then come up with something that really helps you improve your brand or business. Good Luck!