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Suburban Behavioral Health Services


Healthcare, Mental Health


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Suburban Behavioral Services (SBHS) are a team of behavioral health providers with a mission to provide excellent psychiatric care to patients in a warm, friendly and compassionate environment with a vision of making a positive difference in their lives.


Our Heuristic Evaluation research discovered that the business lacks a strong visual identity along with unfriendly journey path for a customer when it comes to the business digital touchpoints. In addition, the majority of companies in the mental health field failed to deliver a strong sense of brand. Conveying information succinctly was a challenge, and breaking down the content was key.

Our Approach

Our task was to reskin the look and feel of the SBHS by providing a fresh and functional visual identity that helps drive more engagement between SBHS and its clients. We simplified everything, engaged and educated, encouraged discovery, and built the SBHS brand to stand out in the industry.

Logo Lockup

sbhs logo
sbhs logo
Our Work - SBHS-brand mockup | corporate identity design services | REDSHIFT

Video Production

REDSHIFT worked with the SBHS team to determine the viable topics that need to be covered. REDSHIFT quickly assembled a team of a writer and editor to deliver original content that met client expectations. As part of the project, REDSHIFT provided: Persuasive scenarios with an effective flow to promote the SBHS goal and a full HD video that is an excellent source of information for clients and visitors.

Brand-driven website

Throughout the user journey, video storytelling and web presentation work together, seamlessly blending culture and goals. With simplicity at the core of the user experience, we brought the site to life with rich content and delightful micro-interactions that inspire customers to browse and take the action of contacting the SBHS.

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